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stigmatictear's Journal

Welcome to the apocolypse
15 July
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These wounds are deep; in the case of the hands or feet, they usually penetrate all the way through the limbs.

Authentic stigmata are usually always accompanied by states of ecstasy or rapture, especially when they are initially received.

The wounds are subject to severe bleeding, often daily, in most cases weekly for years or decades.

The wounds appear fresh and the blood is of a very bright color.

The wounds do not appear to be affected by any chemical or medical treatment.

There is often a sweet odor much like perfume that comes from the wounds; never do the wounds have a foul odor, nor do they tend to fester of scar.

The wounds occur spontaneously, though not always simultaneously.

Blood flow from the wounds often goes against the laws of gravity.

The wounds tend to appear in places where the skin is thickest and most resistant.

Intense pain is caused by these wounds, which remains constant throughout the entire course of the stigmatism.

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